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The Difference Between Web Hosting & Web Development

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Being present online doesn’t only require a website. That web site has to have a domain name and space on a server, which means a space on the Internet. The space which a website occupies in order to be available on the World Wide Web is enabled by web hosting companies like us. As your web host, we are responsible for making sure your web site is available to anyone online.

However, prior to having your site hosted by a web hosting company like us, your website will have to be built or web developed. Web development is the process of building your website from scratch by using programming languages, frameworks, and similar tech tools.

What is Web Development?

Web development is the process of “making” a website which may includes using programming languages, frameworks, and tools to build a site from the ground up. This behind-the-scenes work which makes your website look great is the process of web development, executed by front-end, back-end, and full stack developers.

Tools like the SitePad Builder and WordPress, both of which we offer our customers, are web development frameworks which have been made simple enough for non-technical people to start building their own web site, without needing to engage a developer.
However, if something goes wrong on your WordPress site, you'll either need to contact the developer of the Theme or the Plugins you're using, or engage a web developer to troubleshoot and assist you with the coding of that web site.

What is Web Hosting?

Web hosting is the space and services on a server which a web hosting company (like us) provides to web site owners. In order for a website to be available on the Internet, it has to be hosted by a web hosting provider. Your web hosting plan with us includes disk space on our server, an amount of bandwidth (or monthly data transfer to your visitors), support, email hosting, and other tech features.

Visitors from around the world can get to your website by typing your site name or domain on the Internet, or finding you via search engines or paid advertising. Then, their computer will connect to our server and your website will be delivered to them. Therefore your website cannot live without being hosted by a web hosting service provider.


Web development is all about creating, updating or fixing the technical aspects and programming of a website which is going to be hosted by a web hosting company. As your web host, we have servers and offer support to keep your site online - but if there's something wrong with your web site that is too technical for our support team to fix, you'll need to speak to a web developer. We cannot help you with correcting issues in WordPress themes or plugins, or updating the code on your web site to work with newer browsers or server technologies.

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