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Webmail for Hosted E-Mail Accounts

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To login for web-based usage of your e-mail account, go to:
http://mail.yourdomainname - replacing yourdomainname with the domain name that you have purchased email hosting for.
You can also get a direct link to that page from within the Customer Area by going to "Services", "E-Mail Hosting" and clicking the big blue button at the bottom of the page.

For the web-based access, the USERNAME is just the bit before the @ symbol - eg if you are [email protected], then just type james

You should immediately log into the web based e-mail page above and then click OPTIONS. In order for the system to be able to identify you in case your password is lost, you must complete your first and last name in the PERSONAL PROFILE section, and create a PASSWORD Q&A. Other sections under OPTIONS which will make the POP3 experience better for you are optional.

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